General Knowledge Mock Test – 01/05/2021

1st May 2021 – General Knowledge Mock Test 10 question. Test you skill

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General Knowledge Mock Test - 01/05/2021

General Knowledge Mock Test 10 questions.

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Total number of National Parks in Assam

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Total number of bridges over the river Brahmaputra

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Srimanta Sankardev was born in the year

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Mahatma Gandhi first visited Assam in the year

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Which one is the largest district in Assam by area wise

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The first Assamese film Joymoti was released in the year

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The first Assamese magazine Orunodoi was published in the year

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The state anthem "O Mur Apunar Desh" was first published in the magazine named

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Who was the last king of Ahom kingdom in Assam

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The Asam Sahitya Sabha was first founded in the year

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আমি ১ মে Mock Test বাবে কেইবাটাও গুৰুত্বপূৰ্ণ প্ৰশ্ন সংগ্ৰহ কৰিছো। আমি ভাবো এই ১০ টা প্ৰশ্নই আপোনাক আপোনাৰ সাধাৰণ জ্ঞান বৃদ্ধি কৰাত সহায় কৰিব।


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  1. I got 80 mark …dear sir …I m so happy for this mock test …thank you for this

  2. I got 90% marks. Iam so happy😀. Thanks you guys of team gov job in Assam. Thanks❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. My score is 80%.
    But I have 2 doubt.
    (1). I think 5 bridge over Brahmaputra River. Name are –
    1. Saraighat,
    2.New Saraighat,
    4.Koliabhomora and
    { If we include Dhola Sadiya( Bhupen Hazarika Bridge) then it will be 6 but, Dhala Sadiya brige is over Lohit River, not Brahmaputra ( Dhola Dodiya দলং খন কোনটো নদীৰ উপৰত আছে বুলি মানে Assam Police SI ৰ পৰীক্ষা ত আহিছিল আৰু তেতিয়া লোহিত নদীৰ ওপৰত দিয়া বোৰে শুদ্ধ বুলি কৈছিল)}

    (2). In Assam recently announced 1 national Park so total National Park May be 7. Name are –
    1. Kaziranga
    2. Manash
    3. Dibru Chaikhowa
    4. Nameri
    5. Orang or Rajeev Gandhi
    6. Dihing Patkai NP( declared in 2020)
    7. Raimona NP ( declared in 2021)

    Please guide me and correct me if my data is wrong.

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