Gk Assam Mock Test 25 May 2021

Every day evening at 7 PM General knowledge mock test. We think this mock test series can help you to improve your General knowledge learning skill. Our mission to prepare you for your upcoming Government jobs, Privates jobs, Defence jobs like – Assam Police jobs, Indian Navy jobs, Indian Army jobs, etc also civil examinations like APSC, UPSC Recruitments.

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Mock Test 25 May

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Q1. Which dynasty’s coins were known as “Narayani”


কোন ৰাজবংশৰ মুদ্ৰাবোৰক “নাৰায়ণী” বুলি জনা গৈছিল

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Q2. The foundation of Nationalist Historiography in Assam was laid by

অসমত জাতীয়তাবাদী হিষ্টোৰিগ্ৰাফীৰ ভেটি স্থাপন কৰা হৈছিল

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Q3. Which one is the least densely populated district in Assam

কোনখন অসমৰ আটাইতকৈ কম ঘন বসতিপূৰ্ণ জিলা

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Q4. Who was the first Ahom King to introduce coins

মুদ্ৰা প্ৰৱৰ্তন কৰা প্ৰথম জন আহোম ৰজা কোন আছিল

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Q5. Who is known as the father of Assamese prose literature

কাক অসমীয়া গদ্য সাহিত্যৰ জনক বুলি জনা যায়

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Q6. Which day will be observed as Rhino Day in Assam

কোন দিনটোক অসমত গঁড় দিৱস হিচাপে পালন কৰা হ’ব

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Q7. In which district the “Sri Surya Pahar” is located

কোন খন জিলাত “শ্ৰী সূৰ্য পাহাৰ” অৱস্থিত

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Q8. Which state is not covered under the jurisdiction of Guwahati High Court

কোনখন ৰাজ্য গুৱাহাটী উচ্চ ন্যায়ালয়ৰ অধিকাৰক্ষেত্ৰত অন্তৰ্ভুক্ত নহয়

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Q9. The Tezpur Mental Hospital was established in the year

কোন চনত তেজপুৰ মানসিক চিকিৎসালয় স্থাপন কৰা হৈছিল

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Q10. The Lachit Borphukan’s Maidam is located in

লাচিত বৰফুকনৰ ময়দাম কত অৱস্থিত

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